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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are integral to our organization- the support we receive from individuals, groups, and other organizations is crucial in assisting our guests create a path of self-sufficiency. Please read our volunteer policies and procedures below.


Volunteer Requirements:

  • To volunteer when the guests are present, volunteers MUST be age 18 or older. This includes food teams serving breakfast or dinner. This is to protect the privacy, safety, and dignity of our youngest guests.
  • To volunteer when guest are NOT present, volunteers must be capable of working under minimal supervision. Any volunteer under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present.  Unsupervised children are not allowed.  We recommend that very young children not be brought to the shelter while parents are attempting to volunteer. 
  • All volunteers must complete the volunteer application and have a background check every two years.
  • Volunteers must sign in and out when arriving and leaving, recording hours served. We use this data for many grant applications, and your help in tracking this data is appreciated!
  • Volunteers may not take photographs of, or with, guests. This is to protect the privacy, safety, and dignity of our guests.

Ways to Serve:

  • Individuals or groups: Currently we do not have any opportunities to volunteer as our needs are being fulfilled by others like you. 
  • Food teams: All of our food team slots are currently full. However, if your faith community is interested in helping serve food in the future, please contact Chandra Thompson at 817-548-9885 ext 3002 to discuss future opportunities.
  • Join Partners of Arlington Life Shelter (PALS)

Please click here to complete our volunteer application.

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