Individuals & Groups

Individual Volunteering Opportunities

Individual volunteering opportunities include:

  • Wash and fold shelter linens on Friday mornings
  • Facilities maintenance/housekeeping
  • Office support
  • Children's Services
  • Adult Education Classes 
  • Special Projects

As volunteer opportunities arise, volunteers are alerted via email. Currently, the only recurring/regular volunteer opportunity is participating in the laundry group on Friday mornings. All other opportunities are offered to registered volunteers as needs arise.

Group Volunteering Opportunities

Groups from 2 to 20 are welcome to volunteer at the shelter! From maintenance projects to special events for the residents, the possibilities are endless! Many of these opportunities will require the group to have a small budget for supplies. Examples include:

  • Provide a children’s or shelter-wide movie night (with popcorn), game night (with snack) or ice cream sundae party on a Friday or Saturday evening (7:15 - 8:30 p.m.).
  • Provide a picnic at the park (one block from shelter) on a Friday or Saturday night (6 p.m.).
  • Provide a holiday party for the children.
  • Arrange a field trip for the residents
  • Building maintenance such as painting a room, replacing carpet, etc.

We are currently looking for groups to complete one or more of the following building maintenance projects. Each of these projects will require the group to have a small budget for supplies.

    • Touch up the mural in the laundry room
    • Repaint the laundry room floor with grey garage-floor paint
    • Repaint the kitchen floor with grey garage-floor paint
    • Repaint the pantry floor with grey garage-floor paint

Food Teams

Food teams bring meals to the shelter 365 days a year! Most groups come on a regular schedule, while others fill in as needed. For more information about food teams, see our Food Team page.

Three Simple Steps to Becoming a Volunteer

  1. Complete and print the online volunteer application form, sign and bring with you to the tour of your choice (see next step).
  2. Please visit our Road Home Tour page and schedule a tour at your convenience.
  3. After your tour, your signed, completed application and background check will be processed.   When we receive approval, we will contact you ASAP about how we can best match your abilities with our needs.
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